Great Leadership Begins With Self-Awareness

Before it is seen, great leadership is felt. Mindful leaders cultivate calm focus, creativity and higher emotional intelligence within themselves first. They’re eager to develop the mindset, performance and communication skills so they can lead and inspire by example

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  • While I’m still maintaining the productivity levels that I had before, through my work with Puja, I’m finding myself making more space to allow my intuition, relationships and creativity to flourish.
    Patti Brownsord
    Manager, Strategic Projects & Planning. AAA
  • I’m truly able to separate work and my personal life, and in turn, my work has actually improved. I’ve been well over 120% of my sales goal consistently. I wholeheartedly believe that Puja’s coaching and training has helped me with that.
    Joel Dargan
    MSC, Assurex
  • We were struggling with the everyday stresses of a cyclical business with a lot of change. Puja’s training provided us mindfulness tools to bring focus to the present moment.  Aside from improved performance, my team members have told me they feel empowered with more tools to stay calm and be happy. They are more present with their spouse and family.
    Lindsey Fore
    Northeast Area Business Director
  • Puja is an articulate, thoughtful, effective guide into a world we can all access — one with less stress, a more present focus, and a calm inner voice. She has the rare quality of serving as a guide rather than a guru, loyal to the end goal of mindfulness rather than the method of achieving it. Puja is a truly bright light.
    Jon Gilson
    National Sales Manager
  • Puja is connected to a deep wisdom with a knowledge of business that is practical and effective. It’s hard to describe the peace she brings to my thinking about my processes. If there was one word for it I would say – divine. She is an important guide and coach for leaders trying to make sense of their business, productivity and meaning in their lives.
    Jen Cudmore
    Coach and Author

True Leaders Build Powerful Teams

Mindful leaders equip their teams to navigate stress, change and looming timelines with intention and ease. They consciously build a culture that fosters collaboration, trust and belonging – focused equally on profitability and positivity.

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Hi, I’m Puja

I’m an award-winning mindful leadership coach supporting executives at fast-growth companies struggling with the chaos and overwhelm that comes with scale. My expertise will help you cultivate resilience and master your time, mindset and communication so you can be the calm, present and inspiring leader your team needs.

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